The Long Haul Truckers Guide to Insurance


We cover long haul truck drivers throughout Canada and even while they are driving through the United States.

We are sure your truck is insured against an accident, but what about YOU the driver? If you were in an accident and unable to work, would you be able to pay your everyday expenses and monthly bills?

Most auto insurance covers a maximum of $400/week IF you have no other coverage. Our plans start at $14/month so we can offer a plan to fit every budget. We offer up to $9000 per month in benefits, if you were in an accident and hospitalized. This is with NO WAITING period AND we can offer a 3X recovery benefit. AND we ALWAYS pay on top of other insurance plans and WCB!

Let’s chat either while you are on the road, or stop for a coffee, it’s on us! We are happy to help.


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