Your Guide to Motorcycle Rider Insurance

With this beautiful autumn weather, there is still tonnes to time to get out and RIDE! But are YOU covered? Oh sure the government makes it mandatory to have insurance ON your bike… but what about YOU? That’s right…. you! If the unthinkable happens, what about coverage for you if you are involved in a crash

Earlier this Summer, a family member was riding his bike to watch the hockey game at a friend’s home, exiting off the highway because he was low on fuel…. and that is all he remembers. He was found 25 feet from his Harley with massive head trauma. Thankfully the fantastic work of the Trauma doctors, he is still here today, after 30 days in the ICU but with a long road ahead of rehab.

With out Hospital Essential Accident plan, a plan that costs $56/month, pays $1500 a night in the ICU and a 3 times recovery benefit.

Does your insurance on your motorcycle offer that? Usually the most they will pay $400/week.

If you like to ride, reach out to us today… we will ensure you COVER YOUR INCOME!


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