Claims Corner – $1000 For Stitches?

Little girl with stitches will receive insurance payout of $1000 thanks to Combined Insurance

On the Saturday morning before leaving for our three week family vacation, I left the house to run some last minute errands leaving our FOUR girls in the care of my husband, Paul. Within 7 minutes of leaving, my 8 year old Daughter called me to say that our 10 year old needed stitches. All I could think of is how is this possible? I just left the house!! I asked was she outside? NO Did she fall? NO Was she using scissors or a knife? NO. I said put Dad on the phone, as I am still believing that this is all being blown out of proportion! Hubby gets on the phone and say YES she absolutely needs stitches, and she was in the bonus room… I’m thinking there is nothing in the bonus room that would cause anyone to need stitches…. is there? Well it turns out the girls were crafting and were using the new purple staples and stapler for their crafts, and our daughter kneeled on the full rail of staples, thus requiring her to go to the hospital where she received TWO stitches. She was so brave, but what really upset her was that she would not be allowed to go swimming until AFTER her stitches were removed and we were leaving the next day for our Family Vacation, and much swimming was on the agenda! She felt a bit better when she found out that thanks to a family plan that covers outpatient surgery i.e. Stitches would pay her $1000!! She has her heart set on spending all that money on ROBUX!!


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